The Walking Dead "Splinter" Edition Supply Drop Box

The Walking Dead "Splinter" Edition Supply Drop Box

The Walking Dead "Splinter" Edition Supply Drop Box

The all-new “Splinter” edition features exclusive apparel, drinkware, and accessories from The Walking Dead that you won't want to miss. The official “Splinter” Edition Drop Box from The Walking Dead lets you show off just how much you love this iconic episode. Read on to discover why you will love adding this box to your growing collection of The Walking Dead merch. 


Reason 1: Exclusive Merch from The Walking Dead

If you want to show the undead world that you are the biggest fan of The Walking Dead, then you will want to run to the “Splinter” Edition Drop Box as if walkers were on your tail. Featuring exclusive gear from The Walking Dead, this box has something for every fan. For example, the “Splinter” Edition Drop Box features the Exclusive Aaron Funko! Pop that you can prop on your window sill, book shelf, desk, and more. Featuring one of your favorite characters from Season 10 of The Walking Dead, this coveted Aaron Funko! Pop figure is a must-have collectible for any fan. 



Reason 2: Killer Apparel Options

Since the post-apocalyptic world hasn’t quite hit us, your fashion doesn’t have to involve wearing a walker’s blood for protection. Instead, it can include exclusive apparel options from the “Splinter” edition box. Complete with fan-favorite gear, this box lets you give your style a killer upgrade with the Negan Black & White T-Shirt and Lucille Baseball Hat. No matter how you style these items or where you wear them, you will love showing off your love for The Walking Dead with the apparel options in this box.



Reason 3: Iconic Accessories from “Splinter”

Featuring the comfy Daryl Wings Throw Pillow, this box lets you watch your favorite episodes of The Walking Dead ultimate comfort while giving your home decor a Daryl-worthy upgrade. You can also take your love for Princess to your next party with the Princess Koozie with Fur. Featuring hot pink fur on one side and Princess’s iconic style on the other, this koozie lets you stand out while paying homage to the most vibrant character on The Walking Dead.



Don’t Get Left Behind

With a variety of exclusive apparel, accessories, and drinkware from The Walking Dead, the “Splinter” Edition Supply Drop Box will quickly sell out. So, be sure to run, not walk, when grabbing yours. In need of some more official merch from The Walking Dead? Keep your eyes peeled... More exclusive Supply Drop boxes are coming!